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We Share Film + Postage Project {January = Grateful}

We Share Film + Postage Project

After chatting with Samara (a fellow photographer and good friend) late last year we decided to participate in a little photography challenge together, shooting using film.  The idea was to agree on a monthly subject and blog about it.  No real rules other than we share the postage, our rolls are sent to The Find lab in the US.  It only takes about 10 days to arrive and then another 7 for developing and scanning, then it is delivered back to us via a download link .

To say I was busting to get my scans back was an understatement! If you like grainy, slightly out of focus images you might like the images below.  All these were shot on 35 mm film. I started with BW 400 Ilford, Portra 400 and finished with Etkar 100. After getting my scans back and looking at them I am the happiest with Etkar 100.

…. Samara has 2 beautiful boys and lives on a Farm in Tammin further out in the Wheatbelt.  You can see her images and follow her blog here.

My Thoughts on Film….

Am I going backwards? No I’m just going back to basics to challenge myself.  To try different types film that I couldn’t afford way back when.  Having it processed and developed differently, not only playing safe but stepping out of my comfort zone and truly thinking before I take that shot. Oh and using that light meter if I can find it!!

So for January I was GRATEFUL …….. I am grateful for so many things.  I didn’t get to capture everything I’m grateful for but I had a good go at it. I spent the best part of the month away over east with Grant (my husband) so there were many special people and things back at home that I didn’t get to photograph, but I will in time. I will add them into my journey with film.  In saying all that, I was GRATEFUL to be over east and spending time with family I don’t get to see often. Mostly, to be away with Grant, we travelled 7000 km (in his ute) and I didn’t drive one of them!  I was the passenger. I read books, caught up on blogs I love (but never seem to have the time for) amongst other things and totally LOVED it.

This was the first lot of film I have shot in maybe 7 years .

                                                                Its not Happy People that are thankful 

                                                                  It is thankful people that are HAPPY





PORTRA 400-8pintopinterest



DDHumphrey000217-R1-039-18pintopinterestPORTRA 400-6pintopinterestPORTRA 400-5pintopinterestPORTRA 400-3pintopinterestDDHumphrey000217-R1-057-27pintopinterestPORTRA 400-25pintopinterestPORTRA 400-9-2pintopinterestPORTRA 400--8pintopinterestETKAR 100-11pintopinterestETKAR 100-5pintopinterestETKAR 100-2pintopinterestDDHumphrey000217-R5-057-27pintopinterestDDHumphrey000217-R1-025-11pintopinterestPORTRA 400-17pintopinterestPORTRA 400-14-2pintopinterest


PORTRA 400--3pintopinterestPORTRA 400--5pintopinterestPORTRA 400--6pintopinterestPORTRA 400--7pintopinterest


ETKAR 100-15pintopinterest

ETKAR 100-37pintopinterest

We tend to forget that HAPPINESS doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have , But Rather of recognising and appreciating what we do HAVE

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  • Jack

    Nice work Ngarie, particularly like the buggy shots and those of Jack and his girl, the blue shirt really pops against the greenery

  • Thanks Jack it’s been a fun challenge

  • THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! Well worth the wait….what fun!!

  • Thank you Dani it has been a lot of fun

  • JUDE

    So enjoyed your blog and photos Ngarie.

    Love your HAPPINESS quote at the end and something I try and live by.


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