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We Share Film + Postage Project {February = LoVe}

We Share Film + Postage Project  {February = LoVe}

So Feb was all about LoVe I had so many things I didn’t get to photograph, isn’t it always the way? We had a new  member join us on the farm, Fred the PUG he is just adorable , naughty, mischievous, hyper, Fat and hilarious all in one and makes me laugh and smile everyday.

We had a few days down south with Ben Joles and the kids.

All images were shot on Agfa 400 and developed at the Find Lab. I only had one roll of film this month and Samara posted it all over for developing, my turn next month.

As i said last month this is a project i’m sharing with Samara click here to see her amazing images

000100840003pintopinterest Grant and Fred.


Fred at just 14 weeks.


 In our household its all about Mack Trucks and farming this is Grants truck Crakka Jack what he describes as the only truck to have .

The transport industry is one I have always loved.

PORTRA 400-36pintopinterest

I love Geraniums can’t seem to kill them and that’s something for me!


Fred just loves to sleep amongst my camera bags……always makes me smile.

PORTRA 400-11pintopinterest

Grant is the love of my life and seeing him with these guys always gives me a happy heart. I think they were looking at truck and farm  pictures on his iPad. Grantwill soon have too make room for one more on his lap, Clayton has now joined the gang. It’s funny isn’t it? You think you just couldn’t love anyone any more and then another little precious soul joins your family and yep there’s heaps more love to give and go around.  More to laugh at as they grow learn and try new things, more grey hair to come your way as you worry about them, but most of all you just have more love in your heart.

PORTRA 400-6-2pintopinterest

Ben, Blake and Lachlan because I’m not Grant first wife I have Ben in my life and now because of that I have 4 precious grand babies and a daughter in law that I am forever grateful for.

PORTRA 400-5-2pintopinterest

Lachlan is so confident in the pool now and loves it.

PORTRA 400-4pintopinterest

Ben & Blake always make me smile.


Yes it was me !!!!


Way too cute, how can you say no to that face!


Nanny. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing she is and the amazing mother in law she is. The love and patience she has and the way the kids just adore her. I’m the first to say I was so lucky in life and Nanny is one of the most amazing gifts life has given me.


Nanny & Sue. Not only am I grateful for Nanny, but also the amazing Sister in Laws that also came with the package. This is Sue, I love everything about this woman, I am so Grateful.


Lachlan & Fred, these too completely melt my heart.


Fred AGAIN I know but look how cute he is? I don’t think everyone agrees with me, but they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder don’t they?


Bridie & Lachlan again with Fred. These guys are such an amazing part of my life, one I am grateful everyday for and one that I am so lucky to be able to share in xxx


Ben Lachlan and Bridie. I am always in awe of Ben and the amazing husband and father that he is.


Joles at 36 weeks pregnant another Granbaby on the way. Joles is such a natural Mum and Wife, she takes everything in her stride.


Yep it’s a hard life being a pug.


Bridie, she just cracks me up! She has an amazing spirit and nature, this was her big smile look for a photo.


Fred in his pen I love that he sleeps in the pen otherwise he would completely destroy the house at night time. Not to mention the surprises he would deposit through out the house during the night!


Ruby with Fred in March. Ruby shaved her beautiful hair off to raise much needed funds for cancer. We managed to squeeze a quick photoshoot in before and Fred just had to be in one or two images with her. Ruby has raised over $6500 so far!


Packaging for prints ordered. I LoVe what I do. I love everything that photography has brought into my life, the freindships, the challenges but most of all I love that I followed my heart. It hasn’t been easy at times, but it has been rewarding in ways I never imagined possible.


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