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We Share Film + Postage Project March

We Share Film + Postage Project  {March = Routine}

Routine was our theme this month.  Well March came and went and it was nothing like a normal month for me so I photographed what was close to routine.

I felt like I spent the month cooking and trying to be better organised in the kitchen. I also shot 3 beautiful weddings in March, but of course with the pace of the days, I didn’t even think to get my film camera out. March also saw us welcome Clayton  into our family, a fourth baby for Ben & Joles and again I didn’t get my film camera out, although I had it there. So all in all I think I failed this month. Fred has featured heavily again in my post. Everyday he makes me laugh with his antics and craziness, he is growing fast!

All colour images were shot on Fuji 400, I didn’t mind this film.  My black and white images were shot on Delta 3200 and I can honestly say it was way too grainy for me and is a film I won’t shoot again. I brought this film with Edies birth pending and wanted to try it .

Edie was actually born in early April. Samara’s films turned up as it was my turn to post the film off to the Find Lab just after her birth, so I included it in my March blog post. Photographing a birth is really one of the most amazing things to document and witness. Edie was born at home and I just made her birth with 12 minutes up my sleeve.



Fred with Nanna he loves kids and is in all honesty so ripped off living with us and not having a little person to hang with.


Fred sits in the funniest way, flat on his BUTT.


Routine. Well for me being organised in the kitchen makes my world so much easier, so a big part of that is having a menu.


I love whole food and fresh.


Beef Stroganoff is a favourite that features on my menu monthly and for me I serve it with mash potatoes and Veg for the boys and I have it on zoodles

made from zucchini with greens.


My fridge is always full and for that I am always so grateful and lucky. I love to have meals prepared because i make everything from scratch.

Just going to the fridge to grab something to eat needs to have some thought put into it, so again this is why I love a menu.


Dishes, OMG there are always so many. I hate having dirty dishes, so I feel at times I’m always washing up. Yes, I have a dishwasher but you can’t put everything in there.


Bre was home this month spreading lime on the farm. Fred loved having Bre at home more and of course Grant and I did as well!


Fred? Well Fred loves to relax and sits anyway but how a normal dog would sit.


He can’t wait to get outside in the mornings to find a bone that Cash has left behind.


Tools of my trade. Even though I didn’t think to get my camera (film) out at my weddings I did think to photograph my cameras.


 Mootie & Fred chase each other around the house and when he’s had enough he jumps up onto the lounge or bench.


Back to food again, I use my thermo everyday and so couldn’t imagine life in the kitchen without it.


Seriously, every month I buy Kale and every month it goes to the chooks. I have great plans to add it to my salads and meals and also my smoothies that

I make, but it just never seems to happen so you could say it’s part of the routine.


Greens I LoVe greens!


These two make me laugh. Fred loves having Bre call in and Bre loves him……sometimes.


Edie Jean. I was so privileged to document and witness her birth.


Sisters! Edie Jean being cradled by her big sister Indy.


Edie getting to know her Mum and Dad.


I loved that when Edie was born her siblings were all there to meet her and then just carried on playing.


Skin to skin time with Dad just after her birth with Big Brothers and sister watching on.


The miracle of birth is always such an amazing thing and to witness it. Another of Edie Jean feeding.


So out of focus and grainy.


Fred needs no introductions really.


Setting up the studio for a newborn session this is routine for me. Something I really enjoy, is being able to now photograph newborns at home in the studio.


Such a precious little poppet that came into the studio. So long awaited and loved.

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