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We Share Film + Postage = Where we live

We Share Film + Postage = Where we live

 This is where I live, York, Western Australia.  Founded in 1831 it’s the oldest inland town in the state, originally established for the growing of cereal crops necessary to feed the Swan River settlement some 97kms away.

I have lived here for 27 years, not bad considering I was only staying for a week or two and then heading to Broome. Isn’t life funny how you start in one direction and then head in another?  Well I didn’t really head in another I just stayed and have always been grateful for that choice .

Some of the images were taken on the farm where I live and some were taken from Mt Brown in town looking over York and the surrounding area . On this particular day I escaped with my camera, I had 2 assistants, Will & Rose, they also wanted to capture York so they had the images to take home with them once the holidays were over .

What I loved most about having them take photos with me was, WHAT they chose to shoot and what they saw as important. It always amazes me how we all see things differently no matter what our age. 

I also started shooting this month with a Bronica camera, OMG it’s completely manual, feels like it weighs a ton and I didn’t even know if I had the film in the right way! To my absolute delight I did but I  had to wait for the scans to come back from The Find Lab first though.  

So I’m feeling way more confident with it this month for our portrait theme.  Stay tuned!!!

I knew I could get my exposure right, I just didn’t know if I’d loaded and reloaded the camera right . All the images are unedited, these are the exact images I get back from the Find Lab.  

Samara as always has beat me to blogging and again as always her images are beautiful.  I never get tired of looking at any of Samara’s work ever!  Hop on over and have a look HERE to see where she lives Samara  has the most adorable and well photographed kids I know!

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I have no idea how i got this double exposure i guess you could say all ass and no class pintopinterest

I have no idea how I got this double exposure.  I guess you could say all ass and no class!


From here onwards all images were taken with my Nikon F100 35mm.  

I used 3 different film types Etkar, Fuji and Portra.


I LOVE this image it just cracks me up!  He looks so grumpy but is just the happiest little fella you could meet.


I loved this image of the kids too.  They were talking about what their next photo project should be.

I think they decided that the theme should be dogs, they both LOVE dogs.


I don’t know how I achieved this either, but I really liked it all the same. These are magnets on my fridge.

i get them made thru my Instagram account the company is called Sticky9 if you’d like to try some for yourself i have a discount code if your interested


Ngarie x

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  • Dani McCreery

    Just gorgeous Ngarie!! I’m inspired!!!

  • Melissa Kimball Klein

    I love this! What a beautiful place!

  • get that film camera working again Dani

  • Thank you

  • Robin Neufeld Kelm

    Wow, what a beautiful place! I love the countryside photos.

  • Liz Manson

    Awesome!! I need to get out and do this too. Beautiful shots x

  • Peta Nikel

    Such a gorgoues place! Love these.

  • These are great! I especially love the pug shots! And really inspiring too… I’ve been wanting to try film for ages and a while ago I asked my dad if I could borrow one of his old film minoltas. He responded by gifting me a huge box of every film body and lens he’s ever owned… and it’s sat it in my office gathering dust ever since. I really want to get them out though, I guess I just don’t know where to begin. How much different can manual in film be from manual in digital, other than not being able to check your shot instantly? And obviously needing to make more effort to read the light and etc…

  • Its just the same Pam but your right you just need to take a bit more time to read the light and you can’t just check it out once its taken . My Favourite film is Kodak Etkar 100 for out and about and for portraits or people it is Portra 400 Kodak also you’ll love it i have had so much fun with this project .

  • Leanne Stamatellos

    Love that you used film – it has such a different feel to it. Beautiful images x

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