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Go behind the scenes with award winning photographer Ngarie on a perfect day!

I’ve been a wedding photographer for more than 10 years now and often a bride to be will ask me “What can I expect when you photograph our wedding”.  They have seen my work and hopefully love what they see, but it’s a question more about what happens on the day and how I work with them.

There is so much that comes second nature when I photograph, from placing the Bride and Groom in a location that might not look that attractive to the naked eye but from my experience I know it will work photographically; to the light that surrounds us and how I can use that to our advantage to create something special.

This got me thinking about how I could SHOW them…..let’s go behind the scenes.

Being in front of the camera wasn’t my favourite place to be but this little video will explain visually how I work with YOU to get the best for YOUR Wedding portraits.

Thanks must go to Neil and Sue and of course Chloe who captured this for me whilst I worked.  It was quite enlightening to see this from my side of the fence and I hope it will show Brides (and Grooms) what to expect on their perfect day.

If you’d like to see more of Neil and Sue’s Wedding Day check out this blog post.

Ngarie Humphrey Photography

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  • So informative for clients! Great video!

  • This is fantastic! Perfect song, too. Love to see behind the scenes magic 🙂

  • Love the behind-the-scenes glimpse! So helpful for clients!

  • Nice video!!!!!! I love when photographers share like this.

  • Fantastic! I love seeing behind the scenes – Great video!

  • LOVE this behind the scenes glimpse, gorgeous work!!

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