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5 ideas for Handmade Wedding Signs

5 ideas for Handmade Wedding Signs

Are you hoping to have a rustic boho style to your wedding? Need some inspiration?

Here’s 5 ideas for Handmade Wedding Signs!

In recent times rustic handmade wedding signs have become very popular along with the laser cut timber signs if you prefer a more modern look.  But if you are a bit of a DIY bride (or groom) then you can easily create some of these signs yourself.

Directional signs

Are you having your wedding in an out of the way location?  Directional signs like these ones can help guests even in this day and age of technology and Google Maps and they look cute.

Direction Wedding sign 5 ideas for Handmade Wedding SignspintopinterestSource

The Wedding of…

A simple sign announcing to guests that they are in fact in the right place for the wedding of in this case Katie & Ryan.  Of course the styles of all these signs I’m sharing here would remain constant to give a cohesive look and feel to your special day. Placing colour themed flowers at the base is also a lovely idea.

Wedding Sign 5 ideas for Handmade Wedding SignspintopinterestSource

The Schedule

There is a whole culture recycling these utilitarian items.  Seating, tables, partitions, the ideas are endless.  Here’s a whole board on Pinterest full of ideas.  Pulling them apart or simply using them as they are for a wedding schedule is a great idea.  If your wedding is at night simply add a string of fairy lights around the outside, who doesn’t like a bit of twinkle?

Wedding Schedule on timber Pallet 5 ideas for Handmade Wedding SignspintopinterestSource

Ceremony Seating

If you are having a non-traditional wedding or perhaps creating a blended family then seating at the ceremony will more than likely be a free for all.  So make it clear for your guests by creating a sign like this one that way Aunty Mary won’t be embarrassed when she sits on the wrong side.

Ceremony Seating Wedding Signs 5 ideas for Handmade Wedding SignspintopinterestSource

Page Boy or Flowergirl signs

Sometimes they steal the show don’t they!  Here’s a couple of great ideas for the little cherubs.

pageboy & flowergirl 5 ideas for Handmade Wedding Signspintopinterest

Sources unknown

If you’re not so crafty and the thought of your own handwriting doesn’t thrill you then here’s a great post about how to create the text on your handmade signs. It’s really quite easy!

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